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How to Register a trademark in Argentina today! Fill online a trademark registration in Argentina

Why choosing Estudio Iacona lawyers in Argentina? We filled more Argentinean applicactions in 2021 than the top 20 law firms and We continue during 2023!

These are the steps to start your trademark registration process today?

Send us an email with your Name, ID, Adress, Name of the trademark or Company

  • We start the trademark search (free online trademark search).
  • We file and process your trademark application in Argentina.
  • We send you all the documents digitalized.
  • Once the trademark is approved, we obtain your certificate of trademark registration.
  • We accept wire transfers to US BANK and credit cards payments with Paypal.

Begin the registration today. Request a quote via email.

As well we include FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Search of the name you are willing to register as a trademark.
  • “Custody” of the trademark for a period of 10 years.
  • One logotype (which you shall send by e-mail).
  •  Legal address, required by law.

It should be considered that most of the Law firms charge separately for the custody and / or security, as well as the “maintenance” of your request. For the Argentinean law Nº22.362, a trademark is a distinctive sign, used to distinguish the products or services from other.

What can be registered as a trademark in Argentina?

It can be register words, phrases, draws, images, emblems, monograms, engravings, stamps, seals, packages and slogans.

Can i register a logo on the same process?

Yes, a logo is included at no additional cost.

For how many years is the trademark protected?

A registered trademark lasts ten (10) years from the day is granted the owner. It can be renewed indefinitely.

Who can be the owner of trademark in Argentina?

It can be a company from any country in the world or any person. 

Is it necessary to provide a power of attorney to register a trademark in Argentina?

No, its not necessary. It’s required to provide a signed and scanned note with your information.

Can i provide a priority document for a trademark in Argentina?

Yes, we will need a copy of the priority with a spanish translation. The period that the law indicates in this cases is 90 days since the process started.

How is the opposition period in Argentina?

Since we started the process, your trademark will be published on an official bulletin. (aprox 4 month). Since the date of publication, the law indicates a period of 30 days to present oppositions to that trademark.

How can present an opposition?

The Argentinean law indicates that any person with a «legitimate interest» can do it. That legitimate interest is based on the different opinions of different courts around the country. Intellectual property courts dictaminate jurisprudence regarding this subject.

How can i resolve an opposition received on a trademark process in Argentina?

Trademark opposition procedures in Argentina (2022):

After the notification of the oposition, the parties have three months to negotiate. If the opposition is not withdrawn, the trademark Office will analyze the case and dictate a resolution.
Nullity actions are solved by the Court of Justice.
Cancellation actions for non-use are solved by Court of Justice.

Another change, is that the Use requirements, requires a declaration of use. This must be filed before the Trademarks Office between the 5th and the 6th year of the registration.

How long does the trademark registration process take in Argentina?

In 2022, we can say that it usually takes between 14-16 months.

If you need an ip law firm for a trademark registration process in Argentina, you can contact us from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm Buenos Aires.

Estudio Iacona IP Law firm in Argentina Intellectual Property © trademark service will do for you:

  • Filing of your process of trademark registration in Argentina
  • Study of Direct-Hit Search of similar trademarks
  • We request your ID details or Company papers.
  • Digitalization, adjustment and compilation of all the information
  • Payments via wire transfer and major credit cards.

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